The "Mini Gift" collection is a finely curated lineup of miniature crystals with big time energy and looks to rival their bigger counterparts! These pieces are created to channel crystals healing magic in a wearable everyday way.


This Tangerine Quartz piece has a great colour with secondary growth on the rear wall.


Product Details:

Tangerine Quartz:  L/ 3.5cm, W/ 1.2cm, D/ 1cm

Chain: Silver Tone with Tarnish Resistant Coating.

           55cm (Length can be altered - message your enquiry)



-  Stimulated the joyful energy of the inner child.

- Encourages playfulness and curiosity, allowing us to learn and grow.

- Activates passion on all levels from sexuality to creativity.

- Helps to encourage self acceptance and overcome limiting beliefs.

- Gives hope by allowing the release of shame and blame - leaving the past in the past.


* Only One. Product Purchased is as pictured above.
** This Necklace will be shipped within 1 Business Day.

*** Crystal Meanings & Properties are intuitively channelled by Tiona, they are not legally binding. 

"Mini Gift" Tangerine Quartz Necklace