The "Luna Cycle" necklaces are strong, powerful, pieces designed to channel your modern day inner witch in all her glory. These pieces are created to channel crystals healing magic in a wearable, everyday way.


Product Details:

Blue Kyanite: L/ 5cm, W/ 0.8cm, D/ 0.8cm

Chain: Yellow Tone with tarnish resistant coating.

           54cm (Length can be altered - message your enquiry)



- Super powerful crystal.

- Align chakras.

- Doesn't require cleansing and won't retain accumulated negative energy.

- Develop Spiritual and Phsychic abilities.

- Communicate clearly and boost self expression.


* Only One. Product Purchased is as pictured above.
** This Necklace will be shipped within 1 Business Day.

*** Crystal Meanings & Properties are intuitively channelled by Tiona, they are not legally binding. 

Luna Cycle Blue Kyanite Necklace