This stunning pale Smokey Quartz is quite the beautiful piece to behold. With immeasurable clarity, it stands out in any environment.
Length is as depicted on model who is 175cm's in height.
This piece is perfect for any occasion, medium in length it can be dressed up or down.

Gift of Light & Love (Smokey Quartz)

    A very good driving crystal to protect you against road rage and when you are driving on motorways, on long journeys or in heavy traffic to reduce stress so you can concentrate; good also against any unexpected mechanical breakdown in vehicles and technical equipment or white goods; helps very old animals and people of any age who are worn down with daily living to carry on. Use smoky quartz to absorb misfortune, sorrows or seemingly impossible obstacles by standing with a pointed smoky quartz in each hand, point downwards towards the earth. Imagine whatever you need to shed pouring through your fingertips and the crystals into Mother Earth. If you can do this outdoors, afterwards plant some seeds or flowers, or indoors put a small herb into a pot
    Physical Benefits: After a period of illness or depression this is said to be good for gently restoring physical energy, melting energy blocks or rigidity in limbs, the adrenal glands, kidneys (good for kidney stones) and the pancreas; also believed to help with the relief of chronic pain
    Emotional Healing: Reduces anxiety, psychological sexual blocks, insomnia, self-harming and panic attacks
    Chakra: Root (opens the chakra gently)